Project description

The site is located in in Châlons-en-Champagne in the north of France. It is situated in a residential area in close proximity to existing buildings. The site has an approximately triangular shape, bordered on two sides by streets. The car park along the northern property line is accessible from east.

Design description

The proposed new building is oriented with the main facade parallel to Rue du Commandant in north-west direction. The public access to the building is situated from here. The open staircase and the elevator in the middle of the main facade are reachable via a covered recess along the main facade on the ground floor. All apartments are oriented with their living rooms and private outdoor areas to the southeast respectively. The height of the building refers to the adjacent buildings along the Rue du Commandant Derrien.


The new building provides space for 8 apartments on the ground floor and first floor. Wheelchair accessibility is guaranteed thanks to a barrier-free entrance on the ground floor and an elevator. In addition there are 4 maisonette on the upper floors. Every apartment has a private outdoor area for example terrace, balcony or private gardens on the ground floor. In the yard a common garden has been planned.


The building is planned as a solid structure consisting of reinforced concrete and a back-ventilated facade covered by zinc panels. The open staircase is defined by wooden panels. Balcony and terrace are equipped with sliding wooden panels for privacy and sun protection. To achieve the high-energy standards, the building envelope is optimized for energy efficiency (high insulation thickness).

Energy efficiency standards and building

For the building an energy standard based on the Passive House standard has been planned. Therefore the heating demand must be reduced. Only a slight additional heating is necessary. The installation of a ventilation system with heat recovery from exhaust air, has been planned for all floors.

Number of dwellings: 12
Living space: 797,80 m²
Building volume 3.205,10 m³

Stakeholder and facts
Project owner:
La Renaissance Immobiliere Chalonnaise
EXP architectes
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Local Energy Designer:
MCI thermiques
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Energy Consultant:
LUWOGE consult

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