Project description

The site is located in a new area of the city of Arras called “ZAC des Bonnettes”. It’s a residential area with individual and collective dwellings The land is located next to a round about. Few buildings have already been built around the round about and the square of Mere Thérésa. These buildings are including offices ands shops on the ground floor.

Design description

The master plan has been defined in relation with the next building. The urban rules in this area are quite strong so that it’s difficult to find a good solution, in relation to the square. At this time, the solution is to add two individual dwellings in front of the buildtog building to “close” the square. The two buildings are linked by a plateforme with green terrace.

The car parking is located on the north, next to the staircase. The apartments are well-oriented with their living rooms to the south and the rooms to the north. Most of the dwellings have an outdoor area, specially the first floor apartments. These apartments can use the green terrace. The others have a balcony.


The building is designed to be rented. There are 10 dwellings, from the T2 to the T4 and to individual dwellings. Each apartment have both orientations, north and south, so that the tenants can refresh it easily.

Energy efficiency standards

This building has to reach the Passive House standard and also to respect the new French thermal regulation. The heating demand must be reduced and the energy used for the hot water very low. The air tightness will also have to be controlled.

Stakeholder and facts
Project owner:
HABITAT 62/59 Picardie
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Local Energy Designer:
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Energy Consultant:
LUWOGE consult

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